Settlement of disputes in court and out-of-court settlements

ALTERNA understands that it is inevitable that in the course of economic activities people sometimes run into disputes with business and contractual partners and employees, as well as with national or local authorities or other institutions. The ALTERNA attorneys who settle disputes represent their clients in dealings with judicial and extra-judicial bodies, as well as in arbitral proceedings, negotiations and in preparation of procedural documents.

We also assist our clients in submitting applications to administrative bodies, incl. applying for licenses in various economic fields, representing their interests in administrative proceedings, challenging proceedings and contesting the activities and decisions of administrative bodies in court.

When settling disputes, ALTERNA follows the principle that a thorough knowledge of procedural provisions alone does not ensure success: it requires a sensible combination of knowledge of the specific legal field under discussion, punctual enforcement of procedural provisions and cooperation with the client.

ALTERNA has been acknowledged by the world's largest legal referral guide Legal500. The dispute resolution team that is led by ATLERNA's attorney-at-law and partner Siret Siilbek, is described as a team that stands out for its very good communication skills.

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Among other things, ALTERNA’s attorneys represent their clients
in the following types of disputes:

Selection of work done by ALTERNA attorneys: